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BBC to release internet documentary free on the web

A screenshot of the Digital Revolution blog

A screenshot of the Digital Revolution blog

Russell Barnes, producer of a new BBC documentary with a working title of Digital Revolution, is set to publish bits of the show’s interviews online before it airs.

He’s explains why

The second phase of our online project will begin in September. We want to share our rushes online, as they are filmed, including our encounters with the web’s head honchos.

We hope to release those under a permissive licence so that web users can re-use them or do their own mash-ups as they please. Whenever we can, we’re trying to rewrite the traditional BBC script and create something truer to the spirit of the web.

What is also quite interesting is that the show’s minisite has its own blog and production briefing section.

Should be an interesting experiment – although for those of us who use the internet a lot the interview list does read like the cast from the web’s own Usual Suspects.

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